Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the Children

Mount Kilimanjaro! A legendary mountain in the heart of a continent and the only free standing one in Africa…

The Cuba Corps’ friends Joe and Lily Azel are climbing it—September 2 to 10th or so. It will take 9 days. They are now training…They have offered to fundraise for The Cuba Corps with their climb, so we are asking for your pledge—whatever you want to pledge! Kilimanjaro has 19,300 ft, so we thought a pledge of 1 cent a foot for a maximum of $193 (if they summit) would be great. One cent a foot? Consider: two months of intense training, traveling to Tanzania and then 9 days climbing? YES! One cent a foot will do it, for as many feet as you want. Please get into the adventure spirit with us— and pledge.

Click here to track Jose and Lily climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the children of Cuba.

Yes, I pledge 1 cent a foot up to

_______ 2000 ft $20

_______ 5000 ft $50

_______10,000 ft $100

______ Summit! 19,300 ft $193

______ Please take a slip of paper with my/my kids’/my grandkids’ names to place at the summit for $500 or more.

Name:____________________________ Address:______________________________

e-mail: _______________________________ Cell phone: _______________________

We will contact you to execute your pledge. The Cuba Corps operates as a 501©3 corporation under IRS rules. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Pledges of $500 or more can be executed by December 1st.