Children in Need

 We all know that children need tender loving care and a safe and healthy environment in order to thrive. Sadly to say, the average child in Cuba is raised in sub-standard conditions: emotionally, physically, and psychologically. This is the result of failed social, political and economic policies for the last 54 years. The Cuban regime has been anti-family since its inception, indoctrinating and demanding from the individual, at a very early age, an even higher allegiance to the authorities than to their own parents and family members.

Through fear and intimidation to control its citizenry, as the only means to maintain power, children are raised in a toxic environment that deprives them of adequate nutrition, quality education, decent housing and most importantly, the ability to think freely and independently. Although the government provides free education, it comes at a high price. Schooling is substandard, as many elementary school teachers are required to have only one year of study after their secondary education to become instructors. Attendance, although required, is never enforced.  Conditions are such that Cuban children live with great stress, malnourished and many in over- crowded homes with their extended families, lacking electricity and drinkable water.

The Children’s Program of The Cuba Corps seeks to provide a much needed alternative to help children develop properly. The Program centers on teaching meditation and centering, manners, collaboration and cooperation, teamwork, creativity and skills to think independently; with films, music, arts and crafts and age appropriate games.  We are dedicated to helping children in Cuba find a space of tranquility and fun!

The Cuba Corps provides a small amount on a monthly basis to each project – a stipend for the teacher and teacher aids and for snacks and materials.  Currently operating 14 centers throughout the island and serving some 400 children, we need your help to continue to fund and grow this vital program aimed at enriching the lives of Cuba’s needy children. We invite you to surf our website and become involved.